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If you’re like me, the recent recall of millions of pieces of household furniture in the wake of two children dying due to falling furniture got your attention. I am in the furniture bracing field, and have secured building contents for many years in order to keep things in place when the ground starts shaking […]


Earlier this evening on my social media account someone had posted this week’s article from New Yorker magazine, which featured the Cascadia Subduction Zone and the immense earthquake threat in the Pacific Northwest. I knew all about the article and have just returned from QuakeSmart Earthquake Preparedness summits in Seattle and Portland. I’ve been writing […]

Up from the ground come a bubblin’…Helium?

Sometimes critical news is easy to miss. The days of relying solely on the daily paper and the evening network news for the latest information have disappeared. Nowadays, with e-news and e-gossip coming at us at lighting speed, it’s tough to know if perhaps critical information didn’t make it through to the folks who need […]

Independence Day

There was a lot of news coverage of recovery efforts following the 2011 Japan earthquake. In addition to the search for survivors following the massive quake and tsunami, relief efforts were coordinated and organized provision distribution stations were established. I remember television commentary on the orderly nature of the distribution proceed. Everyone was so calm, […]

That’s not an Earthquake!

There’s a great scene in the movie Crocodile Dundee where a couple appears as they are going to be robbed by a switch-blade toting teen. The woman pleads, “Give him your wallet”, adding perceptively “he’s got a knife”. The hero laughs and says, “That’s not a knife”, and then he pulls out his foot long […]

QuakeSmart and the Pacific Northwest

We rolled north across the border into southern Oregon yesterday, headed to Seattle for a seismic anchorage project and a couple of QuakeSmart preparedness summits. The pickup is loaded with earthquake readiness display pieces and bracing products – rails, struts and fasteners. We’ve got the “Safe-T-Proof Disaster Preparedness Co.” signage on the rig, and we […]

San Andreas: Fact vs. Fantasy

I sat with my wife Trish watching the movie San Andreas last night at a theater in Canyon Country, California. We both were having a great time, when about half way through the film Trish leaned over and whispered something (hard to do over the sound of San Francisco falling to pieces) to the teenage […]

BIG, STRONG AND MEAN: Earthquakes Gone to the Dogs

A few days following the 6.0 Napa earthquake I stood in the living room of a home located about ten miles from the epicenter. This home still had its chimney in place, and was livable following the recent quake. There was significant damage to the contents of the place, however, and the homeowner lamented the […]

Unexpected Earthquakes – Volcanoes & Lava?

Headlines this week demonstrate the volatile nature of the ground on which we live. It’s comforting to think that the earth is solid; that we can count on the landscape we know to be constant, unchanging. And if we reside in areas where earthquakes have not been a problem, it’s comforting to know that at […]

The Sounds of Earthquake Country

As the death toll continues to rise and the horrific devastation of the Nepal earthquake is show for the world to see, I sit watching the sunrise from my hotel room in Salinas, California. I pray for the people of Nepal, reflect on my own preparedness efforts, and ready myself for a visit to a […]