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Banners hung from light poles announced April as Earthquake Preparedness Month as we headed down Santa Monica Boulevard this morning, rolling into Beverly Hills with the Quake Cottage Earthquake Simulator. I think this was our eighth consecutive year at the city’s Earth Day Farmers Market, and each year the event seems to get significantly larger. […]


Sure it’s over the top. Certainly its fantasy to the nth degree. But when the new Warner Bros. Studios movie San Andreas in theaters on May 29th, people all over earthquake country will feel the shock-wave. Now, to be clear, no actual earthquake will ever approximate the devastation this movie depicts. Check out this trailer: […]

How do we know if steps taken to reduce damage before an earthquake really work once the ground starts shaking?

For decades building codes have been chasing the damage, as each new earthquake reveals vulnerabilities in construction and preparedness methodologies. As far back as the 1930’s, when the Long Beach earthquake severely damaged school buildings, the powers that be have reacted to the specific damage caused in a specific earthquake to adjust building criteria to […]

Arizona Earthquakes?

When I was first invited to bring the one of our Quake Cottage™ earthquake simulators to Yuma, Arizona for an earthquake preparedness summit my first thought was, “They have earthquakes in Arizona?” I did some research and discovered that most certainly Arizona is earthquake country. The state is criss-crossed with something called “The Transition Zone”, […]

New USGS findings attributed to Fault Jumping

One consistent thing in the ever changing world of earthquake readiness is the ever-streaming influx of new information.  This week’s Rock The Quake will take a look at the latest information from the USGS, and what it means to Californians. Last week multiple media outlets LA Times and Reading Eagle reported that the probability of […]

ROCK THE QUAKE – The Quake Cottage Blog

Welcome to Rock the Quake, the official blog for the Quake Cottage earthquake simulator https://www.quakecottage.com/ This blog will feature the latest earthquake news from all around earthquake country. Utilizing resources from the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, the United States Geological Survey and more, we will provide the most up to date earthquake information. Not only that, […]

Get Ready for The Ultimate Quake Cottage!

The original Quake Cottage was developed in 1994 to demonstrate the need to secure furniture, equipment and other objects inside building structures to prevent injury in the event of a serious earthquake. It is a Its success in educating the public about disaster preparedness has led to the development of The Ultimate Quake Cottage. The […]