Quake Cottage Demonstrations

Experiential Education: Hundreds of Quake Cottage™ demonstrations around the country have proven that the Quake Cottage simulators help generate public interest in disaster preparedness in the community, at home and at work. It is available for demonstrations at your facility or business and has appeared on numerous news, radio and television shows throughout the world.

Quake Cottage Sales: We sell Quake Cottage only to governmental agencies and Safe-T-Proof licensees.

Inside the Quake Cottage, the simulated major earthquakes demonstrate the efficacy and advantages of using the best earthquake fasteners for cabinets, furniture, flat screen TVs, lab equipment, office equipment, refrigerators, cabinet doors, and a lot more.

To book the Quake Cottage™ for your company’s preparedness event or for more information, please fill out our form, call 800-377-8888 or e-mail us at info@quakecottage.com.