Get Ready for The Ultimate Quake Cottage!

The original Quake Cottage was developed in 1994 to demonstrate the need to secure furniture, equipment and other objects inside building structures to prevent injury in the event of a serious earthquake. It is a Its success in educating the public about disaster preparedness has led to the development of The Ultimate Quake Cottage.

The Ultimate Quake Cottage will be the largest earthquake simulator that we have built to date. Some of the new features will include:

• Overall size will be 6 times larger than the original Quake Cottage
• Holds eight seated individuals compared to the original’s four seats
• Mounted on a truck instead of a trailer bed
• State-of-the-art AV system
• Pre-ride educational video
• On-board interactive information kiosk

The Ultimate Quake Cottage is slated for release during Spring 2015… Stay tuned!

Booking inquiries can be made by calling (800) 377-8888 or emailing