Unexpected Earthquakes – Volcanoes & Lava?

Headlines this week demonstrate the volatile nature of the ground on which we live. It’s comforting to think that the earth is solid; that we can count on the landscape we know to be constant, unchanging. And if we reside in areas where earthquakes have not been a problem, it’s comforting to know that at least we don’t have to prepare for THAT type of disaster. Or do we?

Peter Yanev, earthquake expert and best-selling author told me that he believes that no matter where you are in California, you are located at a future epicenter. What about other places? What about Kalamazoo?

Yes, I said Kalamazoo. That’s because Kalamazoo, Michigan is the location of the first of Rock The Quake’s LATEST NEWS stories. Check this out:


I like how on the ball the Michigan office of Emergency Management is. They were monitoring the situation. Being from California, a 4.2 earthquake doesn’t even wake the dog.

Next, check out the latest from Yellowstone National Park:


Yikes! Now that’s scary. I’d heard of this “Super Volcano” a few years ago. I’m thinking maybe I’ll just steer clear of Yellowstone from now on. Just to be safe, maybe I’ll keep away from Utah, Wyoming and Montana.

Oh, and Oregon too. Look at the latest from off the Oregon Coast:


Okay, so when magma, the issue in Yellowstone, hits the surface it becomes lava, which is now “spewing”. I don’t like spewing lava; particularly near that huge subduction zone!


There is certainly a lot going on under our feet and off the coast of this dynamic, ever changing country. I don’t remember this sort of activity going on when I was a kid. All I could count on was California was #1 in earthquakes. Now, it looks like even that isn’t the case:


Okay, we’re #2. I guess we have to try harder.